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Our Mission
• To provide unparalleled care, by acting as an extension of the winery
• To anticipate need, to be true hospitalians*
• To exceed expectations in care, services offered, and competitive pricing

*Hospitalian, noun [hos-pi-tal -yuh n]; Someone who is native to the hospitality industry. A person who lives to serve others by treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way

About US

Years of experience shipping the highest quality wines
At M7, going above and beyond is business as usual

M7 Wine Solutions brought to you by the team that got their start with DDC Shipping!

Andrea Sherman helped start DDC Shipping 15 years ago when she began cultivating client relationships that would last for years to come. Throughout her tenure in fulfillment services, Andrea made client care her top priority and made the mission statement her daily mantra: to act as an extension of the winery.

In starting M7 Wine Solutions, the same mission statement rings true today and Andrea brings with her the staff our clients have come to know and trust. The name M7 is a tribute to our core staff that has stuck together through thick and thin, some since day one. At M7 we do things a little differently and it all starts with our company culture; we are a family, now more than ever, and we believe in the power of taking care of others. We make getting to know our clients our top priority by taking part in your tasting room experiences, asking, what do you expect from your fulfillment experienced, and by maintaining an active presence in California’s wine country.

For the first time our team is able to offer tax paid wine storage and fulfillment services making the experience with M7 truly comprehensive. We couldn’t be more excited about this new beginning in our journey and look forward to a brighter future for our clients. Cheers to another 15 years of mutual success!

  • Satisfaction

    We're satisfied only when 100% of our clients are

  • Expectations

    We aim to meet and exceed every single expectation you have

  • Errors

    We aim for perfection, and will never stop!

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